Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment Unit

Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment Unit

Unit Head- Consultant Community Physician

This unit is responsible for down-staging the disease through prompt diagnostic services, facilitates treatment and improve the services to quality survival ship among people with cancer in Sri Lanka and close liaison with all development actors, partners and bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors in Sri Lanka.


  • Down staging the disease.
  • Treatment without delay.
  • Improve quality survivor ship.

Terms of reference

  • To work within and support the relevant National committees and technical working groups to develop and regularly up-date national policies, strategies, guidelies, protocols and frameworks for implementation of Diagnostic and treatment services in Sri Lanka.
  • To facilitates implementation, diagnostic and treatment services as per national level protocols and technical guides facilitates to develop necessary protocols.
  • To collaborate with senior management team of each unit, and Cancer care hospitals and other relevant authorities in decision making and carrying out of Diagnosic and treatment services.
  • To work with other NCCP Units to develop comprehensive and coordinated plans for implementation of the National Strategic Plan and other relevan.
  • To coordinate and work in partnership with public, private, civil society organizations, and development partners at local, national and international level to improve & Diagnostic and treatment services to improve quality survivorship.
  • To facilitates training and capacity building of individuals/institutions on diagnostic and treatment, in partnership with relevant technical authorities.
  • To supervise and monitor down-staging the diseases and treatment services in the country to avoid loss to follow-up and quality survival ship.
  • To coordinate the activities of the diagnostic and treatment technical committee and provide necessary recommendations to the National Advisory Committee of Caner Control in Sri Lanka.
  • Provision of technical support, assistance and guidance to provinces, districts and other organizations and agencies in improving quality, supply and access to diagnostic and treatment services.
  • Responsible for coordinating the development and updating Clinical Guidelines and Management Protocols in down staging and treatment of cancer.
  • Provision of timely reports.